Introduction to Math Finger Theory

Math Fingers is an Arithmetic method using fingers to count addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which was first introduced by Mrs. Septi Peni Wulandani from the Jarimarika Salatiga Foundation and has widely used by students in various schools. The advantages of this math finger method we can calculate faster without using a machine that can be used at any time and place, without the hassle of carrying tools, not outdated, no need to buy tools, and everything It’s a risk to have a calculator, because Allah has graciously created all things something useless and part of a creature His creation is still a mystery to solve, one of them is the secret of our organs which has a dual function without us knowing before, just like the fingers that God has created since we were born it turns out to have a real function magic to find a count. By learning math finger the ability to think we will be honed to be more active to think quickly, Besides that, learning JariMatika will give you the enthusiasm to learn Mathematics because learning Mathematics is easy. Are you ready to learn? Okay, let’s get started…

Math Finger Formation In Addition Concept

Take a look at the picture below for all the formations Your fingers can represent the numbers 1 to 9. why not up to 10? The answer is because the number 10 a combination of the numbers 1 and 0 so the core number is 1 to 9. Memorize huh?…

In the Jarimatika lesson, all fingers function to generate additions. In order to make it easier to understand the function of the finger, it is divided into 2, namely, the fingers of the right hand symbolize the value of less of 10 (1-9) while the fingers of the left hand represent values ​​greater than 10. Look at the following picture:

Do you remember?…
If the thumb is closed or bent the value is less than five, but if it is opened the value is more than 5, as well as to represent the value of tens.

Next we try to make the value of the number more of 10 with a radius formation.

Creating Symbols of Numbers More Than 10

One thing you should remember that the right hand finger represents a value less than 10 (1-9) and the left hand finger symbolizes a value greater than 10. Creating a Symbol for a Number More than 10 Because you want to make a number more than 10, the first thing to use is the left hand which represents the tens value and the right hand which has the units value. Notice the example below.

In the picture above, the left hand formation represents value 50. Right hand formation represents the value 3, so the result is 53.

Test your IQ

What is the result?

That’s the post about automatic finger recognition. See you in another post and hopefully useful.